WeB 2012

The Eleventh Workshop on e-Business

December 15, 2012, Orlando, FL


Web 2012 Workshop Proceedings is now available online.


The Workshop on e-Business (WeB) is a premier annual conference on e-Business and e-Commerce.  The purpose of WeB is to provide an open forum for e-Business researchers and practitioners world-wide to share research findings, explore novel ideas, discuss success stories and lessons learned, map out major challenges, and collectively chart future directions for e-Business.

The theme of WEB 2012 is "Cloud Computing and Analytics: Innovations in E-Business Services.” E-business technologies and applications play a very important role in driving the innovations in the service economy. Cloud services have expanded to both businesses and consumers, making available new ways for storing and accessing data from anywhere in the world. As the volume of data collected and stored on the cloud increases exponentially, there is a need for analytics innovations to make the data useful. Many exciting research questions are emerging. Original research articles with a broad coverage of technical, managerial, economic, and strategic issues relating to e-business systems, including issues in Cloud Computing and Analytics of e-business systems, will be presented at the workshop.

Final Program Schedule.

Abstracts of Papers to be presented at WEB (a printed copy will be distributed to registered participant at the workshop)

Organizing Committee:

Honorary Chair
Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Conference Chair
Michael J. Shaw, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (mjshaw@illinois.edu)

Program Co-Chairs
Chandrasekar Subramaniam, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA (csubrama@uncc.edu)
Ravi Sen, Texas A&M University, USA (RSen@mays.tamu.edu)
Shubho Bandyopadhyay, University of Florida, USA (shubho.bandyopadhyay@warrington.ufl.edu)
Kenny Cheng, University of Florida, USA (kenny.cheng@warrington.ufl.edu)