SimNet Online
*** For UNC Charlotte students only ***

You will take all the exams on SimNet.  It is a performance-based testing and training platform. The SimNet package is available at the bookstore. The package contains a registration number required for access to the testing platform. 

Click on the links below for specific instructions regarding SimNet.

SimNet Registration

You will need the registration number included in the Triad Interactive SimNet for Office 2007 Office Suite Registration Card to register for SimNet.

Please go to to register for SimNet.

You can download the SimNet Registration and Login Tutorial by clicking here.

SimNet Access

You can access SimNet from home or campus by pointing your browser to

Be sure to exit SimNet properly by clicking the LOGOUT button on the main screen. You should never exit the program by closing Windows. If you minimize the program or leave it open on your desktop, but behind another window, anyone can sit down at that PC and change your password.

Self-Study Module

SimNet contains a Self-Study module that provides access to several guided self-paced labs. Each lab also allows access to an interactive glossary of terms.

Taking a Test

You must be on campus in a designated lab to take official SimNet exams. The following is basic information you must be familiar with before taking an exam in SimNet. For more information, check out SimNet Help.

  1. Each SimNet exam will be timed. There is a clock on the bottom of the screen and you should keep it in mind as you work. Tasks have been chosen to test your skill and it is assumed you can finish the test in the time allowed. Running out of time before finishing will not be a valid reason for retaking the exam.
  2. As with any computer and especially those on a network, at times the computer locks up or the network crashes. If this happens, reboot your computer and log back onto SimNet. You will see a message that an uncompleted exam was detected and you will be given a chance to restart it. If it is a practice test you will be able to restart it on your own; if it is an official exam, the proctor will need to reenter the exam password. At this point you need to realize the test tasks have been reorganized and the clock is set to the time remaining when the lockup occurred. You will not have lost any time.
  3. When you finish the exam, the SimNet program will give you a score. Your responses in the exam are recorded by SimNet. You can review your answers in a given time period. 
  4. You must be familiar with how SimNet works, both in the objective question and the task mode. You can do this by taking and retaking practice tests. You can even purposely miss a question/task and see how SimNet reacts. There is a difference in how SimNet will work depending on the situation objective question vs. task.
  5. On the Excel and Access SimNet exam you will be given multiple chances to get each question right. For some questions, some of the ways of doing things (like for example using a right mouse click to bring up a shortcut menu) may not work, so you will need to know multiple ways to accomplish tasks. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and, when you have to type something in, make sure that you have it properly spelled.