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Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST)
Charlotte, NC

November 12-13, 2011

Conference Program

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CIST 2011: Conference on Information Systems and Technology

Conference Chairs: Subodha Kumar, Tridas Mukhopadhyay, and Antonis Stylianou

Venue: Westin Charlotte

Saturday, Nov 12th, 2011


Breakfast & Opening Remarks – Providence I


Session 1A: IT Management (Independence)

Session 1B: Adoption (Sharon)

Session Chair

Monica Johar

Dengpan Liu


A Theoretical Analysis of Pricing Mechanisms and Broker's Decisions for Real-Time Balancing in Sustainable Regional Electricity Markets.

Mathijs De Weerdt, Wolfgang Ketter and John Collins

Managing Successive Generation Product Diffusion in the Presence of Strategic Consumers.

Zhiling Guo

Service Systems with Postponable Acceptance: Multi-project Selection and Assignment Problem.

Keumseok Kang, George Shanthikumar and Kemal Altinkemer

Network Externalities and Time to Standardize in IT Industry: a Theoretical Framework.

Jose M Plehn-Dujowich and Sunil Wattal

Market Position and the Dynamics of Network Structure in IT Outsourcing.

Yingda Lu, Kiron Ravindran, Anjana Susarla and Vijay Gurbaxani

Quantifying the Influence of Opinion Leaders on Information Technology Adoption: A Simple Bayesian Learning Model.

Haijing Hao, Rema Padman, Baohong Sun and Rahul Telang


Coffee Break – Tryon


Session 2A: IT Productivity (Independence)

Session 2B: Social Network (Sharon)

Session Chair

Anjana Susarla

Param Vir Singh


Learning, Innovating, and an Emerging Core of Knowledge.

Yang Zhang

Will Social Users Pay Premium? The Effect of Social Computing Features on Willingness to Pay in Content Websites.

Gal Oestreicher- Singer and Lior Zalmanson

The Dot Com Bubble, the Supply of Technical Skills, and Productivity After the Bust.

(Best Paper Nomination)

Prasanna Tambe

Auto-probit Model for Multiple Regimes of Network Effects.

Bin Zhang, Andrew C. Thomas, Patrick Doreian, David Krackhardt and Ramayya Krishnan

The Impact of IT on Productive Capacity.

Dawei Zhang, Xueqi Wei and Barrie Nault

Trust, Reciprocity and the Strength of Social Ties: An Online Social Network based Field Experiment.

Ravi Bapna, Alok Gupta, Sarah Rice and Arun Sundararajan


Lunch –  Providence I


Keynote Speech: Lowe’s: Multi-channel Retail – Keeping IT Simple
L. Vonada, Senior VP, IT Retail Solutions, Lowe's


Session 3A: Business Value of IT (Independence)

Session 3B: Healthcare 1 (Sharon)

Session Chair

Sudip Bhattacharjee

Radha Mookerjee


Business Intelligence and CRM for Customer Involvement in Product and Service Development.

Terence Saldanha and M.S. Krishnan

Electronic Medical Records and Physicians Productivity: Insights from Panel Data Analysis and Design Implications.

Hemant Bhargava and Abhay Mishra

How does Bond Market View IT Investments of Firms? An Empirical Evidence of Bond Ratings and Yield Spreads.

Keongtae Kim and Sunil Mithas

Patients’ Online Social Interactions and Treatment Belief Updating.

(Best Paper and Best Student Paper Nominations)

Lu Yan and Yong Tan

Dyadic Learning After Implementation of Inter-organizational Information Systems: The Case of a Customs Automation System Implementation in Costa Rica.

Tianshi Wu, Chris Forman, Sridhar Narasimhan and Sandra Slaughter

A Profiling Model for Readmission of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure: Analysis Across Multiple Hospitals.

Indranil Bardhan, Jeong-Ha Oh, Zhiqiang Zheng and Kirk Kirksey


Coffee Break – Tryon


Session 4A: User Generated Content (Independence)

Session 4B: Online Market (Sharon)

Session Chair

Xue Bai

Amit Mehra


Crowdsourcing “Blockbuster” Ideas: A Dynamic Structural Model of Ideation.

Yan Huang, Param Vir Singh and Kannan Srinivasan

An Economic Analysis of Online Advertising Using Behavioral Targeting.

Jianqing Chen and Jan Stallaert

An Analysis of the Delay in Customer Support Forums: an Analytical and Empirical approach.

(Best Paper and Best Student Paper Nominations)

Wael Jabr, Radha Mookerjee and Vijay Mookerjee

News, Networks and Users: How Network Properties affect Online News Consumption.

David Anderson, Chris Dellarocas, Zsolt Katona, William Rand and Forrest Stonedahl

How to Retain Smart Customers in Crowdsourcing Efforts? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Crowdsourcing Customer Support and Ideation.

Yingda Lu, Param Vir Singh and Kannan Srinivasan

Truck, Barter and Exchange: An Empirical Investigation of Reciprocity in Online P2P Bartering.

Shun Ye, Il-Horn Hann and Siva Viswanathan


CIST and ISR Reception: ISR Paper Awards and Recognition (Tryon at the Westin)


Sunday, Nov 13th, 2011


Breakfast & Opening Remarks – Trade


Session 5A: Auctions (Independence)

Session 5B: Software Development and Contracting (Sharon)


Session Chair

Ashish Agarwal

Jianqing Chen


Theoretical Foundations of Iterative Combinatorial Auctions with Side Constraints: Computational Properties of Generic Pricing Rules.

Ioannis Petrakis, Georg Ziegler and Martin Bichler

Custom Contract and the Role of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) as Information Intermediary.

Rajib Saha, Abraham Seidmann and Vera Tilson

Examining Returns from Sniping on eBay.

Ravi Bapna, Zhuojun Gu and Alok Gupta

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Building Greener Software.

Kaushik Dutta and Debra Vandermeer

Higher Revenue with the Same Demand: Analyzing the Distribution of Bidders Across Multi-Object Auctions.

Eric Overby and Karthik Kannan

Supplier Selection Problem: A Differential Games Approach.

(Best Paper and Best Student Paper Nominations)

Emre Demirezen and Bala Shetty


Coffee Break – Trade


Session 6A: Electronic Retailing (Independence)

Session 6B: Healthcare 2 (Sharon)

Session Chair

Harpreet Singh

Abhay Mishra


Competitive Advertising Strategy for Online Retailers.

Amit Mehra, Ram Bala and Jagmohan Raju

The Digital Soapbox: The Information Value of Online Physician Ratings.

Gordon Gao, Brad Greenwood, Jeffrey Mccullough and Ritu Agarwal

Platform or Wholesale: Channel Structures in Electronic Retailing.

Vibhanshu Abhishek, John Zhang and Kinshuk Jerath

(Best Student Paper Nomination)

Health IT’s Impact on Outpatient Care Delivery: Evidence From Field Research.

Ravi Aron, Guodong Gao and Praveen Pathak

Clicks to Conversion: The Value of Product Information and Price Incentives.

Vandana Ramachandran, Siva Viswanathan and Hank Lucas

Impact of Health Disclosure Laws on Health Information Exchanges.

Idris Adjerid, Alessandro Acquisti, Rema Padman, Rahul Telang and Julia Adler-Milstein


Lunch - Grand D


CIST 2011 Award Ceremony


Session 7A: Security and Piracy  (Independence)

Session 7B: Intellectual Property and Patents (Sharon)

Session Chair

Karthik Kannan

Giri Kumar Tayi


Versioning Strategy of Information Goods: impact of Piracy and Network Externality.

Shivendu Shivendu and Zhe Zhang

Patent Pools, Thickets, and the Open Source Commercialization Strategies of Start-Up Firms.

Wen Wen, Marco Ceccagnoli and Chris Forman

Managing Information Security Under Continuous Drift and Sudden Shocks.

Radha Mookerjee, Vijay Mookerjee, Wei Yue and Alain Bensoussan

Intellectual Property Licensing and Two-sided Market in Supply Chain.

Tingting Jiang


Interactive Classroom Modeling of Key Information Economics Issues  (Independence)

Abraham Seidmann


Coffee Break – Trade


Impact through Multidisciplinarity: Opportunities for IS Research (Independence)


It is well known that IS is related to several reference disciplines, each of which has contributed to the growth of our field.  As IS matures, the issue of impact becomes more acute in the eyes of academic authorities and the public.  Simply put, why and how much an institution should invest in a relatively young discipline like IS?  All mature disciplines invariably have a concise and concrete value statement on critical social and economic impacts.   In the aftermath of the recent financial tsunami, some business schools have simply closed their IS departments, sending a message that IS might be dispensable.  In this panel, we hope to invoke a discussion on how IS could drive towards greater impact by more concerted efforts from multiple perspectives such as behavioral, design science, economic, and organizational perspectives.  We seek to identify multidisciplinary opportunities for IS research with maximal impacts for the academic, practice, and policy communities.

Panelists (in alphabetical order):

    Paulo Goes, Head and Salter Distinguished Professor, University of Arizona
    Sandra Slaughter
, Alton M. Costley Chair Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Viswanath Venkatesh
, George and Boyce Billingsley Chair Professor, University of Arkansas
    J. Leon Zhao (Panel Chair)
, Head and Chair Professor, City University of Hong Kong



INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Business Meeting (Independence)